If you are a dental manufacturer, we are your door to the Middle East!

If you are a Middle Eastern or African dental professional or dealer, we are your gateway to U.S. manufacturers of the most reliable and innovative dental products and equipment in the world. To supply dental offices or provide laboratory equipment for a new clinic, you will find here high-quality products and services you need.

Visit our website often to learn of new events and new products that will make your practice and your customers excited about modern dentistry! Let us assist you in matching your needs with those of your clients and customers.

We are your dental specialists poised to lead the way into the Middle East and Africa.

Here's why:

  • Comprehensive marketing arm for over 25 U.S. manufacturers
  • Extensive distributor network in over 20 countries
  • Marketing specialists to private and public enterprises
  • Dental specialists in traditional and high-tech dental fields:
    • Oral Hygiene
    • Orthodontics
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Laboratory equipment and dental microscopes
    • Anesthetics
    • Laser technology
    • Hand instruments
    • Dental units and chairs
    • X-ray film and accessories
  • Turnkey project specialists for institutions, clinics and laboratories
  • Promoters of comprehensive packages and technical training
  • Expert organizers of exhibitions and trade shows